What Can You Buy for 40p?

What can you buy for 40p? Truth be told we have actually struggled to come up with a list of things that 40p can buy you these days! So far we’ve come up with the following:

  1. 3 bananas
  2. A school dinner
  3. A couple of fudge bars
  4. A Curly Wurly (only the one of these sadly)
  5. An orange


If there are any you can think of then we’d love to know. We may even feature some of our favourites in the next edition of our e-mail, just send us an e-mail with your suggestions.

One thing 40p will buy you is our ByteSafe Home monitoring, anti-virus, and remote support package. One hot topic in the world of business is disaster recovery, to put it into that context we like to think of ByteSafe Home as disaster prevention. For peace of mind where your computer is concerned we recon the investment of 40p is well worth it. Please judge for yourself though and see what 40p buys you…

[list type=”check”]
  • You can have your computer protected by a real top notch anti-virus programme. This in conjunction with the monitoring service (as mentioned above) ensures that we have accurate information about the status of the anti-virus on your computer. Because as good as an anti-virus programme may be it’s no good if it isn’t on and up to date. We cannot think of another anti-virus programme that can claim that as a featur
  • You can have your computer monitored by an IT professional. We can monitor your computer to try and prevent problems before they occur. Though if something does go wrong then we have an extensive log to consult so we can accurately see what happened, when it happened, from there we can decide what we need to do about it
  • You can ensure that all of the software on your computer is up to date. I could go on and on about this point, and I have as you can see from our blog posts herehere, and here. Out of date software is now the biggest in road of viruses. Out of date software will render your anti-virus software useless as viruses disguise themselves as legitimate processes using loop holes in out of date software. You could do this all yourself, but I recon it would cost you more than 40p!
  • We can provide you with remote assistance for when everything goes wrong (though please note that further charges do apply for remote repairs though at a reduced rate). Imagine the hassle you’d save yourself if instead of having to bring your computer into us to be repaired you could leave it on when you go to work, or go out for the day, and you could come home to your computer up and running again[/list]


I recon all of that lot is worth more than an orange,  3 bananas, a crusty old school dinner (no offence intended to the suppliers of decent school dinners!), a couple of fudge bars, and a Curly Wurly combined never mind on an individual basis. So if you want peace of mind where your computer is concerned then I don’t think you can put a foot wrong by spending 40p a day on ByteSafe Home.