The End of Windows XP, PC Repairs Witney

In April 2014 Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft and Windows XP will no longer receive updates. “Who cares?” I hear you cry. We’ll you should; if you are still using Windows XP. Any bugs and performance issues that remain will go unfixed, and most importantly security issues will not be addressed. This will leave you open to viruses in a big way.  So for those of you that continue to use Windows XP the time has come to start thinking about buying a new computer. Here are 10 good reasons to buy a new computer if you use Windows XP.

  1. No more security updates past April 2014. It’s a year away but why cause yourself more stress than you need to? A stitch in time saves nine!
  2. Your hardware is old and rubbish! The level of hardware available today is amazing. I’ve been into computers for a number of years and I am still coming across products that amaze me. I really believe that technological offerings have never been as good
  3. Added security. It doesn’t matter what operating system you buy into these days it will be more secure than Windows XP, and better able to handle the types of threat now out there in cyber space
  4. Windows 7 is still available! For you Windows XP luddites Windows 7 is going to provide you with the smoothest (note that I didn’t say smooth!) transition between operating systems. Windows 7 will only be available to buy on computers until October 2014, and you remember how you didn’t want to leave moving over to a new computer till the last minute?
  5. Your computer still works (well I am assuming it does if you are reading this). Moving from a working PC is much easier, we can see what you use and how you’ve got it setup.
  6. Windows 7 makes backing up your PC easy! Seriously if you don’t backup and you have information you can’t afford to lose (or it would make you cry if you did) then buy a PC with Windows 7 and make backing up easy!
  7. It will be more energy efficient. As with point 2 hardware is so good now that it just outshines anything that you purchased in the Windows XP era when it comes to energy efficiency and at times of rising energy prices it is something another feather in the cap of a new computer
  8. It will be faster! Even if you think your computer is quick enough now just wait till you see how fast new ones are, it will change your computing life! Though it might mean you won’t have time to make a cup of tea in between turning it on and Windows loading!
  9. You still have a choice in the matter. Leave it too long and really your hand will be forced into making a decision; whether it’s because your computer breaks (see point 5), or you get to April 2014 (see point 1), and as we all do you’ll make a snap decision and opt for something second rate in a rush
  10. Buy one in January from us and sign up to our managed anti-virus service and we will offer you a year of free virus cleansing!

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