Bytesafe Shield & Secure Premium

From: £90.00 / year

All the benefits of Shield and Secure (Managed Antivirus and Anti-Exploit Protection) with the addition of Free Virus Removal meaning that in the unlikely event that your system becomes infected we’ll cleanse it at no additional cost. We’ll even restore data from your backups if necessary.


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Managed Antivirus

Unique Anti-Virus real-time protection based on the award winning Bitdefender engine. Centrally managed by our Bytesafe team so that in the event that infection is detected we can advise you accordingly. Relax in the knowledge that we’ve got it covered.

Anti-Exploit Protection

The majority of modern viruses utilise known exploits in commonly used 3rd party applications such as Adobe Reader and Java in order to compromise our systems. Shield & Secure’s Anti-Exploit protection ensures that such applications are updated to reduce the risk of infection in the first place. The system scans your computer and deploys any available updates on a daily basis. What’s more all updates are applied silently as to avoid disruption to you whilst you use your computer.

Free Virus Removal

If in the unlikely event your computer still becomes infected with a virus we will remove it free of charge. We’ll also restore any data from your backups as required.

Note – all virus removal work will be carried out in our workshop and not remotely.