New Approach to Anti-Virus Services

Over the course of our blogs we’ve kept you up to date on the latest virus threats, why proactive PC maintenance is cheaper in the long run than reactive maintenance, how to spot if your machine is infected, and even how to prevent your machine from becoming infected.

What I haven’t gone into great detail about is our approach to anti-virus, security threats, and our proactive PC monitoring system. We’d like to think we’ve got it worked out in a fantastic all in one system which runs on your computer and takes care of all of these areas. It requires very little interaction from us, and more importantly for you, very little interaction is required from you! We call this service ByteSafe Home and when it comes to computer security it is fair to say it is one of the most advanced offerings available to home users, combined with the proactive approach to PC maintenance this product is something really special. If you’re just using an internet security suite or anti-virus programme and are under the impression that you system is protected from the latest threats then think again.

The system really comprises of four main components. They are:

An award winning anti-virus programme

I am sure that by now you are all aware of the job that an anti-virus programme plays in defending your system – so I won’t go into too much detail about how the anti-virus side of it works. What I will take time to explain is how we believe the features of our system are of benefit to you. The key difference between our anti-virus programme (which we’ve called MAV – which stands for Managed Anti-Virus) and others available on the market place is that with ours you have us looking over your system – every 15 minutes the anti-virus service reports back to us. In that report it tells us whether it is on, whether it is the most current version, whether a scan is running, and it even gives a history of all the scans which have run on your computer. From that information we get a very accurate picture of what is happening with MAV, so you need not worry about whether it is working or not. Put simply you will not get that type of service from any of the domestic anti-virus products currently on the market place.

Enterprise class patch management software

This bit of software is something you are unlikely to be familiar with as a home user. What this programme does is it takes a look at all of the software on your computer, it then checks which version you have on your computer against the latest version available. If there is a newer version of the programme available patch management will update the software. This is all without you (or even us!) having to do anything. How this is of benefit to you is down to the fact that out of date software is a real threat to a systems security. We’ve covered the topic to death with various blog post such as Police Message Virus, Proactive PC Maintenance, and Drive by Browser Attacks. I’d be as bold to say that if you’ve suffered from a virus infection recently it is because a programme was out of date. Updating the myriad of software that you are likely to have on your computer is a pain, it is also very time consuming, and even if you are checking for updates regularly you might miss a vital update, and just that one makes all the difference as to whether or not your computer is secure. With our patch management software you need not worry about out of date software allowing viruses into your computer anymore, nor will you need to worry about spending the time updating software.

Hour by hour and even minute by minute safety checks

All of those great features are no good if they aren’t working! Besides that there is still more that can go wrong with your computer than anti-virus and patch management alone will solve. This is where our automated checking service brings it all together. Not only does it ensure that MAV is running as it should be and that the patch management software is performing the job it should be doing, it also makes regular checks on the services and bits of software that go in to making Windows run. I won’t bore you to death about which ones get checked and why we check them but I’ll tell you about the one that comes to mind that I know I can relate to as a home computer user. A really great example of how this service can save the day is by ensuring that your back up is running successfully (you are backing up aren’t you?!). This is a classic example of something you don’t want to assume is working only to find out when you need to restore the backup that your computer hasn’t been successfully backed up for months, and many photos and documents have been lost (from experience this does happen!). Our service would have detected this failure before it became a problem, and we could have corrected the issue when it first occurred.

Remote Assistance

To finally top it all off we have our remote assistance programme. This programme (which we call TC – which stands for Take Control) allows us to log into your machine to either fix a problem for you or to provide on screen assistance when you are stuck. This great feature benefits you by saving you both time and money. It’ll save you time (and a great deal of hassle besides which!) as you won’t need to drive your computer down to us, leave it with us for a few days, then come and pick it up when we’ve fixed it. We might even be able to fix the problem within a few hours of you calling, in fact if it is just pointing you in the right direction we might even be able to do so then and there – I think that is pretty hard to beat really! It will save you money because you won’t need to drive it down to us, and won’t need to collect it. If you use the machine for work it will without question minimise the disruption a computer problem will cause. It will also save you money because we charge our remote customers a minimum of 30 minutes of labour and not a minimum of 1 hour we charge our shop customers. That could save you 50% on the price of repairing your computer! Coupled with the money you’ll save on petrol for not having to make two trips down to us you’re quid’s in with remote access.

So if this sounds like something your computer needs, contact us on either 01993 706 161 or use the contact form – we can even install it on to your computers without you having to bring them in!

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