IOT Server

IOT server how to guide including a DNS sever for just £35.

With the every conceivable device in the home being connected to the Internet the much talked about “Internet of things” is here, now.

I did a quick audit of the IOT devices in my house today and I came up with 33 devices all competing for the internet.

But there is a problem.

The routers that you get from your Internet Service Providers are not designed to properly integrate all of these devices, so that is why you have arrived here.

You will learn how configure an IOT server from scratch. By IOT server we mean a server that organises better your IOT devices.

Create new services on a computer costing just £35 in total which incidentally is the size of a credit card. We take the services that doesn’t quite cut it from the router.

This is a how to guide and a benefits guide.

Using a Raspberry Pi and Linux anyone can learn how to configure an “Internet of Things” server for your home.

Automation in the home is an exciting future. Learn how to harness its full potential.

Install your own DHCP, DNS, Apache and Samba server.

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