ByteSafe Home uses some great software to make checks on your computer every 15 minutes and reports any errors to us. The really serious errors actually go straight into our service call ticketing system for an engineer to attend to.

This type of monitoring is inexpensive but the benefits to you the customer are huge, it means that we will probably know of a problem before you do! In some instances we will have already fixed the problem before you knew that one existed. Whilst that is very important you still get information in the form of self-generated reports on the health of your system. This means that you do not lose control of your system.

Byte Safe Home will save you money because we use software to do the checking rather than a service engineer.

It protects you against disaster; failing hard disks can be identified before they become a problem. Backups that are failing are known about and can be actioned. Anti-virus software that is not protecting you can be identified immediately.

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  • £12 inc VAT per month for one PC or
  • £25 inc VAT per month to cover all the PCs in your household