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We’ve had a spate of failed hard disks in the workshop recently. Unfortunately not everyone had their data backed up. Now if you’ve got nothing to lose then that’s ok! Though with the advent of digital cameras most of us keep photos (and quite a few years’ worth!) on our computers, and losing a decade’s worth of photos isn’t ok; frankly it’s pretty devastating. We also find it pretty unpleasant having to tell people that everything has gone. What makes the situation even worse is that this type of thing is preventable! With a proper backup system (of which there are many to choose from nowadays) data loss associated with hard disk failure (or user input!) needn’t be an issue. There are two main options when choosing a computer backup method. They are file or folder backup and a system image.

File/Folder Backup

It is possible to just backup specific folders and files. This method is great if you have a limited amount of important documents or the size of the device you are backing up to is limited e.g. a USB flash drive. The key advantage is that documents are easily recovered should you accidently delete something. The disadvantage is that other than the important files nothing else will be protected; so if your hard disk dies you will still be faced with reinstalling the operating system and any programmes you use.

System Image

This method involves taking a “snapshot” of your hard disk and everything on it. It will require you to have a large device to back up to (e.g. an external hard drive) as the backup size on most systems will be over 60GB. Individual file recover is also trickier; in all honesty you’ll probably need us if you need to recover a document or a folder. The advantage of using this method of backup is that it really is a comprehensive system that will protect you from hard disk failure. Should the worst happen we would just take the image and apply it to a new hard disk and you’d be where you last left off, operating system, programmes and data; pretty handy really.

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