A Closer Look at Windows 8

Whilst it pains me to say it (as I am not a fan!) there are some decent features in Windows 8 that may make it worth buying. Personally I think that the negatives outweigh the positives, but that is just me. One of the big favours I believe you can do yourself if you do wish to venture into Windows 8.1 territory is to go for a touch screen laptop. The touch screen side of the interface works very well. Without much further ado (as I am saying this all through gritted teeth!) here are the 5 features you’d buy Windows 8 for

1. Phone, computer, and tablet compatibility. It’s a shame that Microsoft made the desktop/laptop version of Windows 8 so touch screen oriented, because they are actually on to something with regards to the multi device compatibility. Essentially you can run the same apps (note apps and not programmes) on your phone, tablet, and computer. In a world where everyone is seemingly glued to either a computer, tablet, or phone this is undoubtedly a useful feature
2. In a similar vein to the point above Windows 8 can also synchronise your settings and Microsoft cloud services (e.g. outlook/Hotmail, Xbox, SkyDrive) across all your Windows 8 computers. As with the point above this is a pretty handy feature in this multi device age we live in – gone are the days of e-mailing documents and saving stuff to memory sticks
3. Internet connection sharing via Wifi (also known as tethering). You can seamlessly share your Windows 8 mobile’s 3G/4G connection with your Windows 8 laptop. Handy for those that are out an about. Double check that your mobile operator allows for this though as not all do
4. Wifi direct print. Wireless printers seem to be a pain in the proverbial. For those of you that don’t know wireless printers and computers “talk” to one another through a router. With Wifi direct print you can print directly from computer to printer without going through the router. What this means is that you will not have to connect to a wireless network to print from and a wireless printer, nor will you need to install printer drivers
5. Faster boot and wake up times. There is little more boring than waiting for a watched pot, the watched pot in this case being a computer starting up/waking up. Well Windows 8 offers dramatically faster boot times (claimed as much as 70% in certain cases) than Windows 7

It’s clear (at least from the features we’ve highlighted to you here) that the main focus has been about making Windows 8 a more mobile based operating system than a desktop operating system. It’s also all about talking to other devices – something that Microsoft seem to have done reasonably well.