Spotting A Virus

Got a weird computer? We know the feeling! You may be asking “have I got a virus on my computer”. In this modern age it could be under the influence of a virus. Anything from sluggish performance to intermittent (or non-existent) internet connection are problems that we see caused by computer viruses. Just to give you an idea of how rampant viruses are; … Read More

Drive By Browser Attacks

Whilst it sounds like terminology used in a US crime drama virus attacks known as “drive by browser attacks” are increasingly common. In fact this method is one of the leading means of distributing malware around the web and they are quite hard to defend against. What happens in drive by attacks is website A (the one you happen to … Read More

Afghan But Not Forgotten

Being so close to Brize we often get service personnel pop by to fix their computers. Most recently we had a chap drop in to have a look at his laptop that wasn’t loading into Windows. His biggest concern was that he was due to deploy to Afghanistan shortly and he used the laptop to keep in contact with family … Read More