Safe Web Browsing Tips Part 2

To start us off I have a confession to make. I had originally planned to include information on how to secure the main web browsers in this blog. However during the course writing of this article it transpired that I had underestimated just how much information I was going to need to shoe horn into a blog post. As a … Read More

Safe Web Browsing Tips

The word wide web is a wonderful place. Though it can also be a dangerous place. From viruses to protect your computer from to inappropriate content to protect young and old minds alike from! With that in mind in this edition of our blog we have tips for you on safe web browsing. There is quite a bit to cover … Read More

E-Mail Types The Differences Between POP and IMAP

The other week we touched on the differences between webmail and desktop mail clients. This week we are going to take a look at the different e-mail types (or protocols as they are known). This information applies to those planning to use or those already using desktop mail clients, though even if you’re not it makes for a riveting read! … Read More

Setting up E-mail

When we are setting up new computers for our customers among the more common things we are asked to transfer are their e-mail accounts, contacts, and e-mail messages. To be able to do this we need to ask a few questions our end; some of them are easy to answer such as “what is your e-mail address?” Progressing to something … Read More

Police Message Virus

Have you seen the Police Message virus already? Many have, in fact we sent a warning out about in October last year. Back then we were getting a great deal of computers that had been infected with the Police Message virus, at the height of the problem we were cleaning off 10 of these infections a week. Fortunately it was … Read More

Wireless Networking

Wireless networking technology is a very convenient way of connecting devices together, but it can be rather troublesome! For some the solitary router may provide ample coverage around the house, though for the strongest signal you’ll probably need to be sitting next to (if not on top of!) the router. For the rest of us one base station (e.g. your router) won’t … Read More

Desktop PC Buying Guide

Choosing a new computer is never easy, least of all when there is so much choice available. Before you pop out and buy an off the shelf machine have a read of what we look for when we are putting together our custom desktops. Processor – We’ve been tending to stick with AMD in the sub £1000 PC bracket. I … Read More

Proactive PC Maintenance, PC repair Witney

PC Repair Witney We touched on proactive PC maintenance very briefly in our e-mail last week (sign up here to avoid missing top tips fortnightly) now I’ll take the chance to run through what we do to ensure that your computer leaves our workshop in tip top condition and ready to fight another day! Defragment the computer. A basic one … Read More

The End of Windows XP, PC Repairs Witney

In April 2014 Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft and Windows XP will no longer receive updates. “Who cares?” I hear you cry. We’ll you should; if you are still using Windows XP. Any bugs and performance issues that remain will go unfixed, and most importantly security issues will not be addressed. This will leave you open … Read More

Computer Backup

PC Repairs Witney We’ve had a spate of failed hard disks in the workshop recently. Unfortunately not everyone had their data backed up. Now if you’ve got nothing to lose then that’s ok! Though with the advent of digital cameras most of us keep photos (and quite a few years’ worth!) on our computers, and losing a decade’s worth of … Read More