IOT Server

IOT server how to guide including a DNS sever for just £35. With the every conceivable device in the home being connected to the Internet the much talked about “Internet of things” is here, now. I did a quick audit of the IOT devices in my house today and I came up with 33 devices all competing for the internet. … Read More

E-mail Hacking

It’s been a while since we last posted, sorry about that! Well to make up for it we’ve rammed this article full of information! In recent months we seem to have had an increase in the number of calls from people that have had their e-mail account compromised (the polite word for hacked!). Most of those calls are about what … Read More

A Closer Look at Windows 8

Whilst it pains me to say it (as I am not a fan!) there are some decent features in Windows 8 that may make it worth buying. Personally I think that the negatives outweigh the positives, but that is just me. One of the big favours I believe you can do yourself if you do wish to venture into Windows … Read More

Windows 7 Features

With all the mirth of the Christmas period it would be easy to forget that Windows XP is retiring next year. We aren’t going to cover the ins and outs of Windows XPs departure, to find out how this will affect you, and when it’s happening have a read of this article. Over the next few articles we are going … Read More

What Can You Buy for 40p?

What can you buy for 40p? Truth be told we have actually struggled to come up with a list of things that 40p can buy you these days! So far we’ve come up with the following: 3 bananas A school dinner A couple of fudge bars A Curly Wurly (only the one of these sadly) An orange   If there … Read More

Windows 7 or Windows 8

With Windows XP coming to the end of its life you face the choice of either going over to Windows 7 or Windows 8, regardless of whether you plan to upgrade your current machine or purchase a new one. As of late there has been a lot of negative press surrounding the release of Windows 8. Chief amongst those complaints … Read More

6 Months Left of Windows XP

Around this time of year most normal people start counting down the days left until Christmas. I am sure that you are all aware we are far from normal. This October we are starting to count down the days till Microsoft’s support for Windows XP ends. From 1st October there are 176 days left for Windows XP. It has become … Read More

Free E-mail Services

When signing up to an Internet Service Provider (ISP for short) you’ll often be given an e-mail address by that company. By default we all have a tendency to use that e-mail address – for no reason other than we have it. One thing you may not be aware of is that if you leave that ISP you are likely … Read More

New Approach to Anti-Virus Services

Over the course of our blogs we’ve kept you up to date on the latest virus threats, why proactive PC maintenance is cheaper in the long run than reactive maintenance, how to spot if your machine is infected, and even how to prevent your machine from becoming infected. What I haven’t gone into great detail about is our approach to anti-virus, security … Read More

Safe Web Browsing Tips Part 3

Welcome to the third and final edition of Safe Web Browsing Tips. This part will focus on how best to approach safe web browsing when using the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. For general tips on safe web browsing have a look at part one, and for how to secure Internet Explorer have a look at part two. We are … Read More