When did you last backup your e-mail? Have you ever backed up your e-mail account? Do you even know how to? If you answered no to any of those questions then consider the consequences of losing your e-mail data.

From my own experience I know there is a lot of important information I keep on my e-mail accounts. Business wise I’ve got loads of stuff that I really couldn’t afford to lose. Things like order confirmations from customers, orders I’ve made with suppliers; enquires from people about products, and quotes that I have sent out. There is just so much information contained within those e-mails, all of which is information I need to be able to refer back to, and that is just my work e-mail. My personal e-mail accounts (yes I have several!) have just as much information on; things such as booking confirmations of flights and hotels, and order confirmations from online shops. Also saved within them is the more mundane but no less important gas and electricity bill, and finally the e-mail I get from the DVLA confirming that I have taxed my vehicle. Just thinking about it for a minute highlights the fact that there is so much done via e-mail now. If you download your e-mails to your computer (most likely with a desktop mail client) then you need to be backing up that information.

We are going to make it easy for you to backup your e-mail accounts with our fantastic e-mail backup service. We will setup a backup of your e-mail account using our Managed Online Backup service. What we do is we connect up to your computer (via the internet), install the software, and setup the backup. This will then backup on daily basis at a time that suits you. After that you’ll never have to worry about losing important e-mails ever again! In fact the process is so easy the most difficult thing you’ll have to decide is what time you want the backup to run.

To promote this wonderful new service we will be offering a discount until 31/07/13. So act now to get £15 off! Please note the fee on the website includes a one off setup fee of £25 (regardless of subscription level).

Managed Online Backup is a subscription based service. Prices displayed on the website are for a 1 year subscription. Renewal fees are price after special offer, less the £25 setup fee: 2GB subscription £50, 4GB subscription £80, 10GB version £155. ByteSafe Home customers please contact us for exclusive pricing.

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